Is There Anything We Can Do to Inspire Others?

God, the Inspirator, and Our Inspirers are synonymous words. It’s easy to think of God as the originator only. The content of the heart is what inspires us, but the significance of that heart must be broadened. The essence of the meaning of life goes beyond the development of the body and its senses, though those things surely form part of it, and if we could see into a man’s heart, we would see the depth of the inspiration and the richness of the reality that is God.

God and the heart are one and the same. God gives the heart in turn gives back to God. Jesus is the Risen Christ. He died on the cross and received His glory. It is the basis of the kingdom. The man with the true heart is like the man with the true soul, for without the soul, there is no heart and without the heart, there is no mind.

True inspiration is not a “miracle.” It is not something that happened because of no reason at all. It is neither a promise of good news nor an assurance of misfortunes. It is a total dedication to God and to Him alone. It is living every day in the power of the word of God. Living in the realization that the deep desires of the heart, and the simple ambitions of the mind, are poured out in praise and thanksgiving. It is the call to trust in the Lord, to give honor to God, and to give thanks to God for all that He has done.