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Believe | Begin |Become


Believe | Begin |Become

Be The One Project is to help people believe in themselves and
to take action towards becoming what they were created to be!

When face to face with one of the many trials and tribulations in our world, it’s commonplace to hear a voice in the crowd say, “Someone should do something!” But I wonder how many of those people have stopped to think, “Hey wait…. maybe that someone is me!” If by chance, like me, they have thought about it, I know that it’s easy to follow up with, “Well, I am only one person and, really, one person can only do so much.”
As humans, it is so easy to rationalize and justify that we don’t have enough time, energy or money. But my favorite excuse is that ultimately we think it’s S.E.P. Someone Else’s Problem.
Unfortunately, it’s that attitude that got us into half our messes to begin with. Now it’s time for you and me to stand up and BeTheOne. The difference we make doesn’t have to be grand or momentous. It doesn’t have to cost money, but it will require a whole lot of heart!!
Let passion drive the spirit of your efforts, shift your enthusiasm into high gear and push through the fog of complacency. The point is to get out of our comfort zone, roll up our sleeves and make a difference however and wherever we can.
So instead, tell yourself, “One Person Can Do So Much”. And then… BeTheOne

You Want To CHANGE THE WORLD, Change your world BeTheOne
Believe in yourself, Believe in God, Believe in Others, Believe the Impossible
Faith says:
I will, I have, I can, I am.
Empower to Believe, Empower to Begin, Empower to Become Be The Difference, Be The Exception, Be The Example Be The Help, Be The Hope, Be The Answer
Psalm 82
Defend the weak and the Fatherless, Uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed,
rescue the weak and the needy; Deliver them from the hand of the wicked.
GOD BeTheOne
Be Bigger. Be Bolder, Be Better, Be The One Be Understanding, BeBe Selfless Be The One
TD Jakes Sermon Sept 1, 2019 The power of one, I am the one